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On Antelope Island, Great Salt Lake, February 2005

Simultaneously with my retirement from William Paterson, the University replaced the old Euphrates web server with the new Nova system.  This change has prompted me to redesign my personal web pages.  This web site is and will remain very much "under construction".

Although my regular teaching is over, my interests have not changed.  But, in retirement, I intend to focus on a very limited set of those interests.  The heavy players in that set will be climate change and water resources along with the history of science and other current "hot" environmental topics.

High on my current list has been writing book reviews.  The older I get the harder it is to remember which books I've read let alone what those books said and whether they were worth reading in the first place.  Hence, I began to write (and post on Barnes & Noble's web site) reviews of printed and electronic books.  Initially, most of my reviews were on climate change texts as I prepared again to offer the Global Climate Change course, but my book reading should become more scientifically catholic over time.

I also find myself with a prodigious number of photos and material from travel over the years.  These I intend to share by assembling a number of pages as listed in the sidebar at left.