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Elizabeth L. Haines, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Department of Psychology
2038 Science Hall East (office)
2013 Science Hall  East (Lab)

telephone: 973.720.2500
fax: 973.720.3392
email: hainese@wpunj.edu 


Fall 2014

Social Cognition Lab
Social Psychology
Experimental Research Methods I: Applied Statistics


   Other Courses

Experimental I Experimental II
Social Psychology Psychology of Women
General Psychology Honors Social Science Honors II 
The Psychology of Stereotyping and Prejudice 444
Close Relationships

Research Interests

I am a social and personality psychologist interested in the basic processes underlying social perception. My main focus is on studying the mechanisms underlying prejudice and discrimination. The ultimate goal in my research is to change stereotypical thought and prejudicial behavior.  I work collaboratively with undergraduate students and run a social psychology lab with a small group of students each semester. 


I regularly teach statistics, research methods, and social psychology. I rotate special topics courses (e.g., psychology of women, stereotyping and prejudice, or close relationships) each spring.  My goal as a teacher is to foster students' self efficacy by providing opportunities to practice challenging skills and concepts and by giving thorough feedback. I strive to generate thoughtful examples, maintain high standards, and respond to the needs of individual students.  Critical thinking is the centerpiece of all the courses I teach by having students understand how beliefs about human behavior are influenced by cognitive bias, cultural assumptions, and social perspectives.

Educational and Professional Background

I am originally from Summit, New Jersey. I was first an English major at University of Delaware.  I  added psychology as a major after I fell in love with the feminist empiricist framework within the psychology of women.  Although I  identify as research scientist, I am have strong ties to my English major roots -- especially the themes of nature, emotion, and intuition in the Romantics(e.g., Wordsworth, Shelley, Byron, and Keats).

I earned my Ph.D. in Social and Personality Psychology in 1999 -- a program that was deeply immersed in critical and postmodern theory. I taught over thirty sections of undergraduate psychology courses while in graduate school (Hunter College, Montclair State University). After completing my Ph.D., I did my postdoctoral research in social cognition at University of Washington from 2000-2001.  I have been at William Paterson University since fall of 2002.  

I am a member of  APS, as well as APA's divisions 8 (social issues), 9 (social and personality), 14 (industrial and organizational ), 35 (women). 

I am married to a man who has always believed in me. I have two spirited children whom I adore. I am a long distance runner, skiier, yoga practitioner, and photography hack.