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Nova is an academic web server for academic and professional pages.

For SGA club pages please see Jeff Wakemen: wakemenj@wpunj.edu

Members of the WPUNJ University community may obtain an account on Academic by completing the Nova Account Request form. Your account will usually be activated within 24 hours (48 on the weekends). Academic accounts are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Academic account holders are responsible for creating and mounting their own web pages. Faculty instruction is offered in the Faculty Technology Curriculum. Students in the Atrium 121 offer one-on-one HTML assistance to the entire university community

New accounts are comprised of a folder including single file, a stub page titled "index.htm". The root file of all Academic accounts should be named "default.html", so users should replace the stub page with their own root file.

A common method for uploading files to a Nova site File Transfer Protocol (FTP). The popular application for FTP upload & retrieval is free, cross-platform tool called Filezilla -- Filezilla -- download here. Note that access from off-campus requires secure FTP, or SFTP. Make sure that your FTP client is capable of SFTP and that your settings are set to SSH File Transfer Protocol.

All Academic account holders are responsible for compliance with WPUNJ Policies & Guidelines for computer usage. William Paterson University is not accountable for material contained on this server.

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